Having states but controlling their trigger

Jun 17, 2015

Hi all, I've noticed (in Storyline2) that just by having an extra interactive state on an object (i.e. selected and hover) and NO triggers, the mouse cursor will change and trigger whenever, in this case, the object is selected or hovered. 

But if I would like the state to change to selected when using a slider instead, how do I prevent the cursor still changing as if for a hotspot? (I've used a trigger to keep the state to normal on mouse_click but still get the cursor change)

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Michael Hinze
Steven Croft

Thanks for your reply Michael. None of them have a hover state now, just selected. Still the cursor is changing as it knows it has another state? Can SL change the cursor back?

Duplicate the Selected state into a new custom state, e.g. MySelected and then delete the built-in Selected state.

Steven Croft

I've told it to use MySelected instead of Selected but its still changing the cursor to the hand. 

I presume I can't delete 'Selected' behind the scenes so that it doesn't appear in the dropdown!?

In fact I've just noticed that my video (which is really an animated gif) triggers the pointer mouse state too even though its not interactive! I feel an update request coming on!

I've found some javascript that seems to work but I have to publish all the time to check :-/

document.body.style.cursor = "default";