Having to click the "Next" button more than once to advance

I just completed another project, and the client is reporting strange behavior from the course. The client is having to click several times on the "Next" button in order for slides to advance. This is happening on slides with just two standard triggers to advance to the next/ previous slides when clicking "Back" or "Next".

I tested the published course myself locally on my machine, and indeed the "Next" button is misbehaving.

Is anyone else having this issue? Help! 


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Bob Wiker

Could it be that your Menu navigation is set to 'Restricted' and impatient learners are clicking Next before the slide's timeline has completed? When menu navigation is 'Restricted' in Storyline 2, slides won't advance (no matter how many times you click Next!) until the slide's timeline completes, even if you don't include a Menu tab in your player.

We have this happen with some learners. They report that "I had to click four times before it would advance", when in fact their first three clicks happened while the timeline was still running and the fourth click happened after the timeline completed.

Our solution has been to change the timeline duration on every Storyline 2 slide from its default of 5 seconds down to one-half second. Unfortunately you must do this manually on each slide; there is no global setting and no "Apply to All" button.

Alex Santos

Yes, he did. Bob, you nailed it on the head. 

Gotta tell you both, as a result of reducing the timeline on each slide to a half second some of the authoring just seems illogical to my workflow. For instance, I had a 4:36 minute video playing on one of the slides that the client did not want the learners to be able to advance to the next slide before watching the entire thing. Of course, when I brought the slide's timeline down to a half-second- I thought it would break the trigger but it didn't. So, upon entering that particular slide there is a variable that is set to"False" and is adjusted to "True" (thus enabling the Next button to advance the slide) after 260 seconds. Works like a champ in light of the fact the slide's timeline is only a half second in length. Go figure. 

Thank you Bob for saving my day! And thanks for following-up Emily- much appreciated.