Having to do two things to disable automatically going to next

Sep 24, 2012

For most of my slides, I want them to automatically go to the next one when the timeline finishes. But for some, I want the user to press next when they're done with an offline activity. The problem I'm having is that I'm having to do two things, not just one, to keep it from automatically advancing. This seems so asinine that I can't believe I'm doing what the storyline designers intended and I must be missing something. 

First, under slide triggers, I have to delete the "jump to the next slide when timeline ends" trigger. Then I have to go to story view and find all the slides where I took out that trigger and then change the slide property so that it advances by user, not automatically.

How can I keep from having to do this? It's a pain when I preview the project and have to keep finding slides where I missed the second step on the story view. It seems like a key design flaw, if it this is the case, that you have to disable auto advancing two separate places. 

I should point out, and I don't know if this is standard, but both of those settings (the slide trigger and the slide property set to auto advance) are the default with my new storyline projects. Maybe I'm doing something when I start a project that turns both of these on?

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