having trouble editing text in states

Hi, I'm having trouble editing text in different states. I need to make a 'background' state that shows a shape but without the standard text. Every time I edit the new state as such, it just reverts back to having text, which you can see in my screenshot. Any tips? Thanks!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Brittany!

Ignore my previous post :) I was able to recreate this issue on my end. It seems you can change the text, but it will not delete. I am going to share this with our QA team for review.

For a work around, you can change the text in the shape to be the same as the background, or you can cover the shape with the text with a new shape with no text.

Brittany Jordan

Good tips, thanks Emily. I actually realized it might not be possible to do what I want anyway... I want to: Change state of [object in base layer] to "background" when [layer X] is showing. Is that command possible? I haven't figured out a way to have the state of layers trigger objects in other layers. 


Emily Ruby

Hello Brittany!

You should be able to achieve this, but not with a direct trigger. Do you have a trigger set up to show the layer?

You could add a second trigger to this to change the state of X object to Background when the layer is triggered. And then if you need it to return to normal when the layer is hidden, add a trigger to change the state back with the trigger to hide the layer.

Attached is a quick example. I have a button to show layer one.