Having Trouble with a SCORM Package

Jun 23, 2020


A project that I recently finished will not display correctly in our LMS. I don't think the problem is with the LMS because after several failed attempts to get this project to play, I created and imported a test module that worked fine. Is there a way to figure out why this project will not display? My file is attached, and also the screen I am getting in the LMS when I try to preview.

Thank you!

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Sam Hill

Hi Scarlett, I just tested your content in SCORM Cloud and it loaded without any problem.

It looks like SABA LMS that you have the content running on. I know that Storyline content doesn't have issues running on SABA, and so I would be looking to the LMS admin for answers.

To help diagnose the problem, you may want to try opening up the developer tools on the browser to check for any errors in the Console or Network Tab (F12).

Sam Hill

Sure, when you have your browser open. You can use the F12 key (function key) to open up a set of tools that may show you errors. For example, anything Red in the Console or Network tabs. It can sometimes reveal an error that the LMS admins can work with. It can also demonstrate that there are no errors which can also help.

Rough demo: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/1c56af16-2fd1-4d97-9e04-6210620185b8/review

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