Having trouble with audio when playing Storyline 3 via Skype

I have created a tool using Storyline that enables our marketing reps to conduct webinars. There are several videos packaged in the Storyline 3 project that they play as they also speak to parts of the content. Unfortunately, the audio in the  videos doesn't play over Skype. I've had some resort to playing the videos on external speakers and then hoping the computer will pick it up enough for the participants to hear, but that doesn't work so well :).  I know you can embed individual video into PowerPoint and that works, but as part of Storyline 3 is there a way to make this work?  Thanks!

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Sandy! 

While I don't have much experience with Skype, I'm happy to rule out any issues on Storyline's end that could be impacting the audio. 

  • Does the audio play during preview and in the published output (before playing it on Skype)?
  • Is this happening on more than one course?
  • Would you be willing to share a sample course here for testing? Since this is a public forum, you can import the slides into a new file. Then, remove any private information and share the file in a new reply here.

Happy to help any way I can!