Having trouble with hover states

Oct 11, 2017

Can someone look at this slide for me? Its in Storyline 3.  I am having trouble with the last caption title Other Codes.  I have these set as hover states to display more information.  all of them work well except the caption at the bottom title Other Codes.  Its hover state shows its information behind the other captions.  when i moved it to the top of the timeline (Move to Front) it displays properly but then it throws off the other captions hover states.  What can I do differently?  I feel like I am and advanced user of Storyline. Have been using it since Storyline I was released.  don't know why i am stuck on this silly feature.  I've use state changes and hover states forever and don't remember having this problem.

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Keithia Kirkaldy

Ok I figured out a solution.  I added another custom state to each of the other captions.  In those states I deleted the caption so the space is empty.  then on the one caption that was having an issue I put triggers to first put the captions above it on that custom state.  I called it hover hide.  I made the last trigger for this caption its own hover state.  I don't know if this is the best way, but it worked.

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