Having trouble with lightbox settings

Sep 25, 2015

SO I'm starting to wonder if there's a setting with lightbox-ing i'm unfamiliar with, because I can't figure out why the following scenario is occuring:

I have a Menu slide. There's an img users click to watch a video (Img 1). When users click on img 1 to watch the video. ...

I want users to get taken to a lightbox, where the video plays. When the video plays to completion they are automatically taken back to the Menu slide, where they now see img1 marked as 'complete' and a next button visible for them to click on and advance.

What my problem is:

The img1 file doesn't want to change states from Normal to 'complete', so the user returns to the Menu screen after watching the video and there is no indication the video is 'complete' and they also don't have the next button visible.

What I did: I set up a variable associated with the video file. When the video file fully played ('media completes') it would change the variable state to True. 

I set up a trigger on the Menu slide to change img 1 and the next button to 'complete' and 'normal' states, respectively, IF variable state of video was equal to 'true'. 


It seems that there's something wrong on my menu slide, that it isn't able to alter its states of things when its returned to, even though I've tried all 3 settings on the slide properties tab (Resumed Saved Sate, Reset Initial State, Automatically DEcide) to no avail.


Perhaps it's because when you set up a slide (Slide A) to go to a lightbox, you're not actually leaving Slide A, and so Variable states, as useful as they are, can't adapt real-time within slides? I dunno, I'm stumped. 

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Walt Hamilton

Try this work around trick.

I did this before you posted your file, but I think this principle will work. If it doesn't, perhaps someone can look at your file.

I use a (nearly) invisible layer to change the variable. Since the layer is on the menu slide, the slide can catch the variable change and use it.

Dan Beatty

I love your thinking. 

Here's the issue. Although this TOTALLY solved the problem I was having of the next button and Img 1 changing states - they now do with these implementations (thank you!) - there's the problem that if they exit the lightbox BEFORE the video completes, they return to the menu slide and img 1 and the next button are 'complete' and 'normal', respectively. I only want them that way when the user watches the video to completion. 

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Dan - you will need another variable for this. Create a true/false variable called videoDone and add a trigger to your lightbox slide that changes the variable to true when the video completes (media completes)

Then add a condition to the Set Variable1 trigger that Walt created on the slide layer that says to only if the variable videoDone is set to true.

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