Having two answers fora quiz question

Feb 22, 2016

I want to have a question as follows 

A patient has Amyloidosis only with no mention of any other condition

Is this registerable      Yes     No

If click on yes a new layer opens with

ICD03 code   ...........................

Number of registrations   .............................

Is it possible to get 2 answers for 1 question?

Of course if the user says no they automatically have got the question wrong. But how to do the other answers?


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Steve Bunting

Hi Christie Thank you for trying to help me with this. I must be having a mental block as I am confused as to where to start.  I want users to answer the Yes / No question first and if they say Yes then they need to complete the two other questions. I thought I had found a way as I found in the form view it says field to evaluate and I have Text 1 and Text but this has not worked. I'm still at a very basic stage when it comes to variables and to be honest I would not know where to start.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Many thanks again for providing your file so I could get a better idea of what you have in mind! You may want to consider checking out this article on Choosing Branching and Feedback Options in SL2 (particularly the section on Branching to Other Slides Based on Feedback) to branch from your YES response to another slide. Then, you could use Text-Entry Freeform Questions where the learner would then fill in the ICD03 site and Morphology. Does that sound like it could work for what you would like to do?

Bill Kelleher

I'm out of office so I haven't had a chance to test this but my thought on this is to use a pick one question with two answers, one correct, one incorrect.

The idea is to set up the choices with triggers that set the state of those answers to selected based on those choices. Then submit the question and whatever item is selected will be evaluated.

So, first screen is yes or no (not a question slide just using triggers). If the user selects no, set incorrect to selected. If the user selects yes,  show layer with two text entry fields. On submitting the two variables, set correct answer to selected on the condition that the two variables entered are equal to the correct values. Then submit the question.

I'll try to mock this up when I'm back in to make sure, but I think that's logic that could work.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Sounds like Bill's idea will work out great for what you have in mind; so glad he was able to help! And in case you'd like to check it out, here is some information on Variables from our Getting Started with SL2 tutorials.  :)

I also wanted to note in case you weren't aware, the confidentiality notice in your signature appears publicly in your post when you reply via email, so if you would like to remove that information, simply use the EDIT button beneath your post. 

Steve Bunting

Hi Bill

I am so sorry to trouble you again. I have used your mock up in the actual course and have to insert a series of questions like I asked about.

When I check individual the questions work ok which is great. I have now added another question with the same design  as the previous one and cannot get a "correct" result and I cannot work out why

I have about 5 questions all the same design which I am going to add, what am I now doing wrong.

Bill Kelleher

Hi Steve,

It looks to me like you had some conflicting variables. Basically, because it appears you copied the first question and pasted it to make the second, the variables are now the same on each page. While I'm not sure this should actually cause a problem, I recommend deleting the text entry fields and creating new ones on a new slide. Or at least change the variables here:

You want the When variable (TextEntry1 here) to equal the variable assigned to the second text box, and the two condition variables to sync up with their conditions.

I attached an update of your file that should be working now.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Delighted to see that Bill had been able to provide the additional ideas and suggestions you needed, and we're always glad to hear that members are enjoying the community! 

I also wanted to mention one again in case you might be concerned, if you'd like to remove the confidentiality notice in tour email signature that appears in your post when replying via email, you are welcome to do so by using the EDIT button beneath your post. :)

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