Headline: "Adobe is telling people to stop using Flash"

This morning, my boss sent us a link to an article with a very headliney headline: "Adobe is telling people to stop using Flash."

Perhaps you saw Adobe’s announcement on Nov 30 about changing the name of Flash to Animate and a refocus of efforts to improve the security of Flash content. Bloggers have been announcing (and actively calling for) the extinction of Flash for quite some time ("A world without Flash," "Flash closer to extinction," etc.) while others admit that you just can't kill the beast ("Adobe Flash Is Dead in Name Only").

It's a little difficult to discern signal from noise in all this. What does this mean for Articulate Storyline and other leading authoring tools whose output is Flash? Does this change anything for us as designers/developers now? in the near future?

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Dave Howard


"Adobe desperately patches more holes in the sinking ship that is Flash"

"Once again, Adobe has identified a slew of vulnerabilities in the latest version of Flash, one of which is already being used by attackers. When will we learn our lesson and ditch the old platform forever?"

C. L. Norman

A belated comment from the field, since Bill mentioned Google Swiffy—we explored that as a pure HTML5 option for banner ads, but the problem we ran into was size.  Swiffy output, while able to recreate Adobe Flash content in an (almost) visually-identical form and with surprisingly good performance, can be monstrous.  While the IAB guidelines of 2015 relaxed the size restrictions considerably, even 200K can be a difficult size for Swiffy to meet with even the most basic Flash ads.

And I agree with Bill that Flash won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  HTML5 can’t yet provide the full range of interactivity and functionality that Flash can.  And as far as security, the only issues we’ve ever found are when using Flash as an intermediary to invoke other things, like ActiveX.  Poor computer safeguarding (not firewalling, failure to run an up-to-date antivirus 24/7, lack of user protocols for safe usage) puts you much more at risk than Flash ever will.


A SWF/HTML issue from another perspective ...

I have always looked upon Articulate products as perfect for scalable solution. Interactivity that could not be achieved in Presenter or frame based animations in combination with Storyline could be produces in other programs and embedded in the Articulate tool. Thus more complex content could be used when necessary.

I have tried to find information concerning this in the Articulate Community, but have not found any so far. Therefore I put my question here.

Is it possible to produce frame based animations and interactive parts in, for instance Adobe Animate, publish it from that program as HTML5 and then embed it into a Storyline production. The result should then show the animations, let the user interact whit it in a controlled way as is possible with imported swf inte Storyline today.

I would be most grateful for any advice concerning this matter.