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Can you help please I have a slide I want the image to be available to use as a trigger to some information layers, I need the candidates to do them in the correct order otherwise they can miss some of the layers out and go straight the next button missing out 3 layers. I think this has something to do with variables on the trigger to say only make available after returning from layer 3...

Hope this makes sense, I have attached file to help


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Brian Allen

Hello Mark, I haven't looked at your file, but it sounds like you want to disable the player's "Next" button until your learners have viewed all of the slide layers on a slide?

If that's the case, you can follow the first couple of bullets in Ashley's post here, which describes creating True/False variables and then adding triggers to your Next button to only work if all the variables are True.

You'll want to create a variable and trigger for each slide layer.  The trigger can be placed on each layer and will set that layer's variable to True when the layer is viewed.

Finally you'll add conditions to your Next button trigger to only go to the next slide if all your layer variables are True.

Here's the forum thread -

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Ademola Johnson

Just to buttress on Brain's explanation -

Do the layers show automatically or learners have to click on a button to view the different layers?

1. If the layers show automatically, 

  • You create a variable (with true / false state)
  • Insert a trigger to change the state of the variable on the last layer
  • Then as Brain said you add a condition to your next button to go to the next slide if the variable state has been changed

2. If the learners have to navigate to the other layers themselves, then you follow brain's steps.


NB: You might need to add a new layer for a popup message to be shown when the learners click on the next button without viewing all the layers. This would tell the learners they cannot proceed to the next slide yet until they are through with the current slide so that they don't assume the next button is not working.

Walt Hamilton

Or you could set the state of the NEXT button to hidden, and not worry about having to explain why it appears to be broken. That gives you the added advantage of the users concentrating on the things you want them to do on the slide and layers, rather than the NEXT button.

Use the variables and triggers to set it to Normal when conditions are met.

Brian Allen
Walt Hamilton

It does, until you make NEXT visible.

Only one of the reasons I prefer a menu to PREV and NEXT.

Agreed, and one of the reasons I typically avoid hiding the next button when I do use the built-in player buttons. I wish that "previous" would stay put... I feel like it's bad UI design to have it slide over where "next" is supposed to be.