heavier files in Storyline 360

Feb 11, 2021


I need to create SCORM files that cannot exceed 20Mb for certain technical reasons.

Because of that, I take good care of optimizing images, videos and audios when uploading them in the Storyline document. But I am finding the following issues:

 . Images that are very light jpg files are transformed to heavy PNG in the SCORM zip file (mobile folder inside the SCORM file). Why is that? Could I avoid that transformation?

 . Some of the videos do not have active the button Compression = none. Probably due to codec related reasons. Is there a way to export the videos with the right codec so that the Copression button is active?

 . Some mp3 show a much heavier weight in the Media Library than in my local PC. Why is that? Could I avoid that transformation?

 Thanks for this community!!



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Rafael Martín

Hi Erin, 

thanks for you answer.

I have tried different settings in the course quality settings but did not help to much.

I'm afraid I included to many questions on my previous mail. I am going to stick to one of the questions:

It seems that Storyline transforms the jpg to png when creating a SCORM zip file. That transformation means a huge increase in the size of the images, from a 60Kb jpg to a 700kb png.

Is there a way to prevent Storyline from doing that transformation from jpg to png?


Rafa Martín