Hello everyone!

I have a project that is like the concentration game; where cards turn over and reveal 2 images that you try and match.

On the "normal" state side of the card i have used a picture as the shape fill. There are 18 of them. When I preview the pictures are not there. If I click a shape the picture appears. If I click the second shape the picture appears. When I select the continue button on the feedback slides and it hides, all the pictures show up. I have tried all different formats of pics. Ideas?


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David Anderson

Hey David,

We have a few good threads w/ demos & source files that should point you in the right direction.

Memory Game by Bastiaan Timmer

Memory Game Template by Stephanie Harnett

Memory Game Demo by Jeremy Heersink

Memory Game by Rutwin Geuverink

I hope those help but let us know if you still have questions.