Hello! I have a question about preventing students from accessing the material more than once.

Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance for your help. Essentially I am setting up some webinars for an NGO on business writing. They want the students to be able to take a "pre-assessment" that will determine whether or not they need to take the webinars to improve. Part of the pre-assessment is listening to a recording of a mock business meeting and then answering a mock email about the meeting.

The crucial thing is that they should only be able to listen to the meeting the one time, so that they only have their notes to go on when answering the email. If the link to the pre-assessment is on the website, is it possible to prevent a student from listening to the meeting more than once? Is there a way to execute this without a LMS and if a LMS is the only way, how does an LMS enforce this? Please let me know if there is anything that you want clarified in this scenario and thanks again.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fraser,

A few questions here to help figure out the best course of action for you - 

Are you building all of this within Storyline, including the video/audio that they listen to? Do you need to track how they score within the assessment? Are they able to close the course as a whole and return to where they left off - or do they need to start from the beginning of the quiz? 

My first thought is to enable the "resume" functionality and set it to always resume - meaning that they'll be brought back to the slide they left off on. I would also look at disabling the menu or locking the navigation so that the user cannot navigate back to previous slides they've already seen. You may also want to look at disabling the Previous button on the slide following the video so that they can't click back to access it. 

This would work on a website or within your LMS, the latter of which would also be able to control the user logging into to access it - for example if they did not need to log in, they may open up your site in another browser or on another system entirely and replay that portion of the course. If you upload to an LMS the user likely has to log in to access the course and then they'll be able to access the quiz and video.