Hello to all new Storyline Forum Posters/Readers!

Just wanted to say "Helloooo" from those of use who have been fortunate enough to live (?) over on the SL beta-testing forum for the last few months.

This product is awesome.

This community is awesome.

What you will be able to do for your learning and your learners is massive.

It's been an exciting, mindblowing and HUGELY empowering ride so far - so on launch day - welcome aboard


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Kevin Thorn

Gee thanks, Bruce. Nice to be here....wait....

Seriously, I'll echo Bruce. Many, many of us have lived the last 8 months or so pecking on, beating up on, and trying to break Storyline. Hopefully, our involvement and input has allowed the awesome engineers to build a software solution long needed in this industry that's not only tremendously versatile, but completely stable. 

Welcome all and we'll be here to help with any questions you have!  

Bruce Graham

Gerry Wasiluk said:

But watch out for Bruce sometimes.  He thinks he's John Cleese of Monty Python.

Page Phil to do a SL intervention and restrain him . . .

I was hoping, praying that Gerry hadn't figured out we had all moved over here, and was just going to go on in blissful "retired man" ignorance for a few years on the beta forum. Darn it  :(
Tracy Parish

Annie: Searchable?????  Oh whatever is that. 

Seriously, excited to continue the learning, developing and sharing with the "old classmates" and really excited to see what the new  users to Storyline will create and share with us.

Together we've helped Articulate to develop one amazing tool and as we move forward we will help each other to develop some amazing learning experiences.

Carl Taylor

I hope I find the answers I need in this forum. Judging from the enthusiastic company I seem to be keeping here, I am optimistic.

I am a long time producer of instructional and curriculum design for various industries including banking and finance, telecommunications, childhood education, adult education, the government, and military and hold all sorts of certifications and degrees in many instructional design models and systems. I hail back to the days when I designed Computer Based Training on brand new things called "Personal Computers" writing in Assembler Code and working with a whopping 16 colors (Woo Hoo). And, I am a self-proclaimed Powerpoint master.

However, I am a newbie in Articulate. I have a lot of questions. I have one pressing problem at this time. I have included some URL's in the Player Resource, and they appear. I publish the course and the links do not work. They go nowhere. I even tried a simple link like "www.yahoo.com" and still got nothing. I tried to include a link to a Word document and it did not work either. Finally, I created an html file version of the word document, and the link to that DID work. My "work around" was to also create an html file containing the links I wanted to the other sites, and link to that html file. That worked also. Why isn't the resource feature working as advertised?

Does anyone have any ideas? Please write back at carl.taylor@schmidtmortgage.com.

Bruce Graham

Hi Carl - and a warm welcome to the Heroes Community.

The "Resource" feature in Storyline is, (certainly in my experience...) used for adding links to documents, or specific pages, so it would link to .docs, .pdfs etc. on a website. That is how I use it.

What were your expectations?

If you want to link to a url, (such as Yahoo.com), you could just use a "Jump to url" Trigger.

Does that help? May just be terms and functionality issues here.

Welcome to the Community.


Steve Flowers

Hi, Carl - 

Are you testing this locally, by any chance? The Flash Security Sandbox creating havoc and stopping JavaScript locally. Couple of ways around this:

1) Publish to CD when testing locally. It's still HTML but the EXE wraps it in magic that defeats silly security features locally

2) Go to the Flash Security Settings Manager and clear your local folder by adding it to the whitelist. Edit Locations > Add Location > Browse for Folder.

Try one of these to see if it resolves your issue.