Hello World! How many in this Articulate community are from Singapore?

Mar 03, 2016

As a newbie (I just started using Storyline 2) to Articulate community, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of the response from the community. All of whom I have never met in my life yet have kindly offered help. I love this pay-it-fwd concept and will do the same when I eventually get past this newbie stage.

Just curious, how many in this Articulate community hails from Sunny Singapore? If there is already a sizable local community, I would love to organize a meet-up with everyone  :)

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Benedict! Thanks so much for reaching out! While I will defer to the community to share specifics on where they reside, I thought perhaps you might like to take a look at this neat article, E-Learning Heroes: Show Us Where You Live! which features a map of the places our community members call home. :)

And, as you mentioned that you are new to using Storyline 2, I thought you may also want to check out some of the following resources to help get you up and running in no time:

Getting Started with Articulate Storyline 2

Beginner's Guide To E-Learning

What You Need to Know to Create Amazing E-Learning

Lots of FREE e-Books!

Hope that helps! 

Benedict Chia

Hi Christie, 

Thanks for sharing. I added myself to the #Articulate #elearning community google map. Quite surprised to be the only one from Singapore. But never mind. The Articulate Community has been awesome in responding to questions and helping Articulate newbies like me learn. Perhaps my countrymen are all just lurking in the community. Singaporeans are shy... generally speaking :p

Great links. I read all except the free eBooks one. Thanks for sharing!  

PS+ local country men, please tag yourself here, and we can perhaps start a local user group!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Benedict -- Happy to help! I wanted to add that it might not hurt to share your post over in our Building Better Courses forum to hopefully connect with others in your area.

You may find this information on user groups and this post to also be helpful. And, as his only post was sometime ago (and I am not certain if he still visits the forums), you could reach out to this community member in Singapore via the 'Contact Me' link on his profile page to see if he is interested.

I intend to contact our Community Managers to ask if they are aware of a member base in Singapore, so hopefully someone from that team can reply here with additional information. :)

Benedict Chia

Hi Hazrin and other Articulate superheroes in Sg! 

Sorry for the delayed reply but I am delighted to see some local Articulate users responding. I was alerted to this because Carolyn contacted me via email after seeing this thread. But she had a great message that resonated with me that I hope to share on this platform... 

"Hi, I'm new to Storyline and have been exploring the features a few months ago. It's great to know of others in SG. I wonder if there is a Storyline support group in SG? My impression is most are working in silos as freelancers or for an organisation. As you mentioned in your message, it would be great to meet other peeps working with Storyline. - Carolyn Lim"

If any of you are keen to join me and Carolyn to meet up, please drop me a whatsapp message at (65) 9336-4071. 

FYI, I have arranged for a vendor to come to my institution at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) to provide Articulate storyline 3.0 training to our in-house e-learning team sometime in mid Feb 2018. Am most willing to explore some win-win collaboration if any of you guys are looking to join in. 

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