Hello. Would be so grateful for some help (inserting date,email page and print)

Dec 07, 2017

Hello. Building my course i hit some issuses that i cannot seem to solve. I tried to follow the tutorials on this site...maybe i'm just getting exhausted and tired of the course...i cannot seem to understand what i am doing wrong, anyway.

1. I would like to email the page with there name on it(resultslide) to anyone they choose (using an email client. ) First my emailclient popped up and I was able to write an email and send it. But it never reached the email? Now it isn't working at all:(

2: Suddenly the print start at the half of the paper. Its cut off and i only get half my resultslide printed. 

3 .I also want the date of today to occur at the resultslide.   


Would be really glad for some help from you people out there! Thanks a lot in advance.// Maja


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Brent Daviau

Hello Maja,

I am not fluent in Swedish and I see you are in Storyline 2, so I will try to help you the best I can here.

1. On 1.2 I noticed all the text is inside a textentry box. I was wondering if there was a specific reason for this. My solution was to put the text in a normal text box so the text now fits perfectly in the frame.

2. As far as the print issue, I noticed in Storyline 360 is centered, but in Storyline 2, something with the styling of the page is causing the display to shift right, making it appear to be cut off. I am not sure how to fix how it displays, however I was able to add some styling code to print in landscape. The image is still shifted to the right but is no longer cut off.

3. In regards to the date, I noticed the variable in the javascript and the variable recalled in Storyline did not match. Please refer to the image. Making these match fixed the issue and now the correct date shows.


Also, I have attached the Storyline 2 file. I hope this helps!

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