Help! Accessibility Tab-order tool "sees" objects in slide "under" the Master slide menu I've created

Hi all,

In my project, I have a menu-map that lives on the master slide, and is accessed via triggers from anywhere in the activity.  This all works great. 

I'm now refining the accessibility and keyboard tab control.  My problem is that when the menu-map is on the screen, when tabbing through, the system picks up all the objects in the (not visible) screen from which I accessed the menu-map. 

How do I prevent this?  


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Ren Gomez

Hi Bert,

It sounds like you have everything set from a course design point of view, but it's clashing with your tab order as it's selecting items from the master slide that aren't "visible" on the slide, is that correct?

Have you checked the accessibility for those hidden items that you wish not to be viewed by the tab order? In your slide master, right-click on any elements that should remain hidden and click on Accessibility to see if the object is visible.

If you're able to share your file publicly here, feel free to do so by clicking Add Attachment, otherwise you can share it privately with our support engineers, and we'll delete once we're done taking a look!

Bert Snow

Thanks Ren,

Actually, the issue is the reverse of what you described:

- I have a number of (non-Master) slides, from which can I click to pull up
a menu-map, which is a layer on the master slide. The menu-map covers up
the original non-master slide, but the tabbing picks up the objects that
are on the original slide.

- I figured out a few things: If I set the menu-map layer to "not allow
clicking on base slide", that solves the problem, BUT in my case I have a
top bar with buttons that lives on the master-slide base layer. If that is
the only/best solution, I may move them to a separate master-slide layer.

I'll hold off on sending you files for now - I think I described this more
clearly for you. Thanks.

Bert Snow

Thanks. Will do.
This is an interesting project that I think you all will be interested to
see when it's public.
It's for teachers to explore incorporating insights from the learning
sciences in their classrooms. It's a mashup of an interactive comic and
card-based sim. I'm a game designer/ developer by background, so have been
pushing Storyline to do things most users probably don't. But I've been
able to pull off a lot.