HELP! Adding multiple triggers within a scrolling panel

Jun 11, 2014

I'm hoping someone out there has a solution to this.  I'm attaching a screenshot that explains my problem.  Anyone know how to apply a trigger to selected text in a scrolling panel?  Usually, when I need to have text appear to hyperlink to something, I put a hotspot over the text.  However, in this case I'm using a scrolling panel for a good chunk of text and I have two terms that need to each trigger a layer with the definition on it.  (See below)


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Andrew Gee

Hi Jeanne,

Probably didn't go into enough detail for you.

You need to insert the shape and ensure it is part of the scroll panel and it will work.

I have attached an example for you.

I have changed the font of the link text and underlined myself and then have the transparent shape that when selected will display a layer.  Or you could have it trigger other things as well etc.



Jeanne Bernui

Hi Andrew,

Yes!  Thank you for the example.  I did misunderstand, so thanks for going into greater detail.  I couldn't get the shape to embed in the scroll panel properly, but I placed the hidden rectangles over the text and then grouped the text box and two rectangles.  Then I put the whole group in the scrolling panel and it works.

Thanks so much!


Andrew Gee

Hi Jeanne,

No problem, happy to help as I had the same issue when first using scroll panels.

It is a bit tricky as the software doesn't clearly indicate you have it in the scroll bar unless you look down in the timeline and all objects are contained in the scroll bar.

Grouping is a great idea to make it easier to get the objects into the scroll bar at once.  I may use that trick in the future.



Ammu Harish

Hey Heros,

I went through the tips on transcript. great !

Now, i have a query, that i want the transcript to appear in the slide along with the voice over. 

for example, in the attached mp3, the text is "Take a look at this table, to see the e-learning fundamentals"

So  I need the transcript text  to split up and appearing the transcript box such that “Take a look at this table” should come first.

 Then when the voice over for the same ends, that text should go from the transcript box and then the text  “to see e-learning fundamentals” should appear along with its voice over.

 I am not using articulate transcript function to write text, instead I would like to use  a customized text box.

Could u please help

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Athira, 

This thread is a bit older, so I'm not certain that folks are still subscribed. Have you looked at setting up the transcript items on a layer and triggering it to be shown based on reaching a particular point in the timeline or a cue point that matches your audio timing? I'm not sure I understand your set up entirely, but if you're able to share a bit more information or even a sample .story file with what you've got so far, staff and the community can take a look at that to weigh in. 

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