Help! Articulate 360 issues communicating with SCORM CLOUD LMS

We have recently had an induction course developed by a 3rd party in Articulate 360 i believe.

We uploaded the course to our LMS which i believe uses

The course functions correctly when played but the LMS is not recognising the users completion. Essentially a user completes the entire course and gets every question correct but the LMS doesnt register the completion against the users LMS profile.

We have tested the course in SCORM CLOUD and get the results in the attached image.

We are completely lost and have invested heavily in the course but are now getting alot of finger pointing and still no resolution. We dont have an internal elearning expert to call upon.

If anyone can provide some advice on where to from here that would be fantastic

I have attached the story file.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nick and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with reporting in your LMS.

I took a look at the .story file you shared and here's what I'm seeing:

This means that the user is required to view all 86 slides in order to get a 'Completed' status for the course. Otherwise, they will get an 'Incomplete'. 

Based on the image you shared above, this is what you are experiencing as well.

The image you shared from SCORM Cloud shows that you're seeing the completion reported.

Is this not what you're expecting to see? Just let me know some additional details if that's true and I'd be happy to take another look.