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Crystal Horn

Hi Samir, Sally and Leslie.  Let me see if I can figure out what's happening here.

Thanks for the details!

Leslie Foster

We run on moodle 3.1. We published to html5/flash fallback and experienced it with chrome. Not sure which browsers clients we using.

So far it is on Storyline 2 courses upgraded to Storyline 3.

It does not impact all users.

We could see it as courses were bookmarked and would open at the white slide.

We republished the courses and it seemed to clear it.

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Sally Matson

For us, it is happening in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge with courses that were originally created in SL1 and updated in SL2.  The courses were published on our LMS in 2015 and have been working correctly since then until It began around a week ago.  I know that our machines recently had a Windows update and I think this could be linked somehow due to the timing.   They are all working correctly in Firefox.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for that info, Sally!  Storyline 2 has had a few updates since 2015

Do you still have access to the original .story files (the editing version)?  If so, make sure you're on the latest version of Storyline 2, and republish the courses for your LMS.  I'd like to see if that process improves performance across the supported browsers.

Let me know how you make out!

Crystal Horn

Hi Leslie, and thanks for letting me know that republishing the courses seemed to clear the behavior.  It sounds like the white slide would only show up for some users who were resuming a course after exiting; is that correct?

If you run into any more issues, I'm happy to have a look at an example course of yours.