Help! Audio Overlap when Returning to Previous Screen

Hi - I am having issues with the attached file, specifically slide 1.4 titled "Consequences".  I have a base layer, and 2 additional layers - each with separate audio - that work fine if it is the first time you are reviewing them.  But, once I go to slide 1.5, then hit Previous back to 1.4, the audio from the base layer plays in addition to the other layers.

We cannot figure out how to get the base layer audio to stop.  Again, it is only happening when returning to 1.4 after already viewing it and its layers.

Any advice?

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Jehan Tappe

Thank you, Emily.  We tried using a button to close the layers and but were still having issues with the audio starting from the beginning (it would pause, which is great, so there was no overlap!  But, it would return to the paused timeline).

Instead, we created 2 new slides instead of the layers, so when learners are done with the new slides (the old layers), the timeline begins on the "base layer" slide.  

Thanks for your insight and help!


Emily Ruby

Hello Jehan,

As far as the audio starting from the beginning, the slides were set to resume to initial state, so they would start from the beginning upon revisit. Did you not want that? You could use the resume to saved state if you want them to pick up where they left off.

Glad you found a solution with using new slides instead of layers. That is definitely a good workaround.

i will still post here when there are any updates to the bug.