Hi all, I've created a software simulation, where the user needs to type in some data. In Storyline 2, the process works fine... User types in the data, clicks the enter key, lesson moves on to next screen.....


When I publish it, (i'm publishing to CD to test before it goes anywhere else), nothing happens when they press enter....  I've tried changing the triggers in all sorts of ways, but I just can't get it to work...

Can anyone help?

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Helen Tyson

Hi Paul

There have been some known issues with text entry fields when courses are published for CD in the past (often around using backspace and arrow keys) so I suppose this could be a related issue as it is associated with a data entry field.

I had a quick look and although it is normally best to use CD publishing if you want to test courses locally, this does work if you use Web publishing and allow the blocked content to run. But, as you are planning to run this through an LMS maybe the best thing to do would be to publish it for LMS and upload it to test it.



Paul Williams

Thanks for the comments all, it is only falling over when it's the CD version, and I have been able to publish for testing to the web, so for now my panic is over, although the problem is being looked at by the guys at omniplex now, I'm sure that if it's working for one, it ought to work for the other...   :-)

Thanks again...