HELP!!! Bullet Points have converted to Wing Ding Clocks

I am trying to publish a course which was working beautifully until about an hour ago.  When I view the course in "development" mode of storyline I see regular bullet points.  However, when I preview or publish I get clocks instead of the dots.  I have searched the discussion boards and came across messages where people had similar issues however there wasn't a thread with a resolution.  This issue of course comes at a very inconvenient time as I need to deliver the end product to the client asap.  I have tried viewing the file on different browsers and different computers and the problem displays on all.   I have the most current version of Storyline (regular) meaning there are no software updates.  I've tried viewing bullets in MS Word and publishing to pdf but those bullets are fine.  It is a problem limted to Storyline.  I have created a brand new file, added bullets, previewed and bam - clocks!  So it's not a corrupt file.  I've tried publishing for web and lms and get the clocks.  Is there a hidden template or xml file that may have gone wonky?  I have attached a clockbullet.story file and a zipped version of the published file so you can view the problem.  Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Colleen

I just published your .story file and it looks fine to me. 

Do you have your setting at 96DPI

Are you working from your local drive and have all the project assets on the same local drive -

sometimes these things can cause erratic behaviour.

If you have a tight deadline and need it published I am happy to do it for you.

Another thought -have you tried from within Storyline to insert Symbol and choose the font from the dropdown list to see if that will work?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Colleen,

I also didn't have any problems with the file you attached. Is this a new problem you've run into with bullets? Are you seeing it on all your project files? In addition to Wendy's suggestion to confirm you're working locally you may also want to look at conducting the repair of Storyline detailed here. 

Wendy Farmer


instead of highlighting the text and clicking the bullet icon try highlighting the whole text box and then clicking the bullet icon and see if it makes a difference.  You can then delete the bullet against the beginning statement.

Also your default bullet looks like it is square is it?  Mine is round and can't be changed.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Colleen,

Thanks for the video, and I can see the clocks as you mentioned, but I can't replicate the problem. As Wendy mentioned have you tried highlighting the entire text box? Also you mentioned you went through the repair, did you also confirm that you were working with local project files? 

If you'd like to work with our Support team, it may be easier to gather more information about your system set up and anything else that could be contributing to this issue. 

colleen p

Hi Ashley I do have a case number.  Should I post it here or send via email to you?  I am actually very disappointed in the level of service in response to this issue.  I get one email a day and I've yet to get any advice that I haven't tried on my own.  The impression of the support so far it that they are too busy, haven't bothered escalating to a higher tier of support, or simply don't care about the problem.  I have been a huge supporter of Articulate and it's tools but maybe the company is growing to a point where it's losing touch with its users. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Colleen, and I see you're working with Cleo and I've reached out to him regarding this issue as I do see that he was testing your file and a copy of your file. I also reached out to one of our Senior support engineers and he's taking a look today as well (it may not be till this afternoon though).  I'll continue to follow along. 

I also see that it looks like there were two cases created for this? Possibly you submitted it a second time? So please continue to reply to the one with the subject line "RE: Case #00460822: I am trying to publish a course which ..."