Help! bulleted items are giving me "clocks" not bullets

Aug 14, 2013

Here's an odd one.

I recently had to upgrade my computer. Storyline has been running fine.

until I went to publish a module.

I have several instances where I use bulleted lists on the screen.

and I'm using the built-in Storyline format to create these bulleted lists, which show on the screen one at a time.

Problem: When I working on the slide, the bullets, well, look like round bullets.

But when I preview or publish, those round bullets show up as little "clock faces".... don't know why.

I have changed to several different fonts... (since I thought maybe with the change of computers, my fonts were somehow different.) Did it in Arial, Articulate, Times, etc.) When I use the "numbers" format, that works fine.

I put the file on my old laptop and previews and the bullets are fine....  

anyone else run into this?


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