HELP! Buttons disapear after they are clicked

Hi everyone,

I need your help, please! I created a lesson in Storyline 360 using custom buttons. I am a fairly new user so I apologize if this is an obvious rookie mistake.

The three buttons are on a master slide.

The buttons are made with a colored square and a white image over it.

They are assigned two states, normal and hover.

Each button does what it is supposed to do when clicked, but the colored square disappears every so often. If you mouse over it, it reappears. The button is gray and turns blue when you hover over it.

I tried moving the buttons off the master to each slide but the problem persists.

I tried changing the hover trigger from "restore on mouse leave" to "not" and I still have the same problem.

I created an extra trigger to change the state back to normal when the button is clicked, still no change.

Also, when I upload the lesson to our LMS, the slides shake when moving from one slide to the next, and from one object to another on the same slide.

HELP! I know I am missing something.

Thank you,



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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Maureen! You came to the right place for help! 

The Hover state is a built-in state in Storyline, so you actually won't need triggers associated with it. You may see an improvement if you remove those triggers and test the slides again. 

If not, feel free to share your file with me! I'd love to take a closer look.