I am having difficulty in opening up a published course in Storyline 2 for review and upgrading. I have fixed the Flash Player issue on Internet Explorer and Chrome, but when I try to open the file up in Storyline I'm having issues telling me it cannot open this file type? I have also noticed since publishing the course that the story file is missing.

Can someone help?

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Knut Jackowski

If I understand correctly, you are trying to open the published file(s) in Storyline? Like the zip archive or the story.html?

If that is the case, you won't have much luck. Storyline can only open its ".story" files.

To find the file, you migh start SL and look at the right pane under "New Project", "Record Screen" and "Import". There you will find a list called "Recent", that lists some of the story files, that you had open before.

If you just want to look at a published course on the other hand, you can open the story.html file with Internet Explorer or Chrome.