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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janet, sorry that's happening!

First, let's talk about the apps you've downloaded to your iPad:

  • You don't really need the Articulate Mobile Player app with Storyline 360, unless you want to give learners the option to view content offline. 
  • Preso is a tool you can use to create training videos on your iPad, but you won't need it to play Storyline 360 published content.

Now, on to your Storyline file. Is the published file hosted on a web server or LMS? You should be able to access the link simply by using one of these browsers on your iPad. What happens when you try to access the published content?

Leanne Thiedeman

Hi, I have been sifting through the different queries relating to Storyline 360 and published works not playing on iPad or iPhone but have not yet been able to figure out my issue.  We have an LMS the we publish to Tin Can for and have previously used Storyline 2 without issue but this is the first time we have built modules in Storyline 360 and the are loading slowing when viewing on a computer but not loading at all on iPad or iPhone.

We are using iOS 10.3.3.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as we have to launch these modules shortly for training.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Leanne, I know you're on a time crunch, so good idea to reach out here!

Have you tried testing your published file in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud? I'd be interested to see how the content loads there. If you'd like some help testing your file, attach the original .story project here. I'll take care of the rest!

Leanne Thiedeman

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your response - attached is one of the modules. I have not tried it on another environment and would be grateful if you could assist. I have tried all the different publishing settings but it does not seem to make a difference. What is the preferred one for use on computers as well as devices? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Leanne! I published your course for LMS using all of the same settings you used (Tin Can API, Flash/HTML5). Here's your course on SCORM Cloud. I tested it on desktop browsers, as well as on iPhone and iPad iOS 10.3.3, and it worked well for me.

Could you give that link a test and let me know how it performs for you?