Help: Change object from Hidden to Normal once dependent variables are true

Hi all,

I have created a workflow with objects. I have then added hot spots that display a callout on the top of each workflow step.

Each hot spot has an individual variable that is marked "True" once hovered over. Once all the hot spots are hovered over, i want "Next page" button which is Hidden to change to Normal and thus appear..

I have attempted this by creating a separate variable that changes to true once all other dependent variables are true but its not working. 

 Your help will be greatly appreciated...

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Tom Kuhlmann

It's working properly. However, you have to hover over all of the items from the bottom up. 

You need a triggering event that then evaluates the conditions. That means for each hotspot you need to have a change state of next button based to normal on the conditions that all of the variables are true. 

Here's a tutorial that shows what you need to do.