Help! Changing the state of a text box with a trigger

Apr 14, 2015

I'm struggling with this...
I would like to change the state of a text box when a trigger reaches a spesific value.

I can't seem to get this right!
I've attached screenshots of the triggers I have tried...

Ideally - what I want, is:
Change state of X when Variable Y =/> than Z

Is this possible to achieve at all?

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anne-renee mauuarin

I'll be talking to myself here...

It's always right after you've asked for help, that one finds the answer... *Sigh* :-)
I moved some of the triggers adding to the variable up in the hierachy - and voila - it worked...
The adding-triggers weren't adding to the variable until I moved them to the top - now it works! and my first hunch was the right one... I'm leaving it here as a reminder to everyone to check the orders of their triggers if they don't give the desired effect!

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