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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lisa, this is really simple to do. Just click the Record Screen option just like you did when you created the view mode. You will see a list of any recordings you have already done. If they are already inserted into your project the will say in use. Just select the view mode recording that you already created. You will see an "Insert Slides" screen as follows:

Just click the "Step-by-Step slides" option and then select "Try modes steps" from the dropdown list. You can specify which scene you want to insert it into and give the scene a name. When you are ready just click insert.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Carl - Sounds like you know you can re-use the recordings, but changes you make once added to your project are not made on the original file. You could copy/paste content or slides if needed though. 

Not sure if others in the community have come up with a different solution for this task, but hopefully they will pop in to share if so :)

Crystal Horn

Hi Lisa.  Did you customize the captions in your Try Mode scene?  

If not, when you insert your recording into a View Mode scene, you'll have the option to include captions there as well, and they'll look the same.

Otherwise, you can customize the new scene's captions once you've inserted them.  Here's some more information about customizing the captions in a screen recording.