HELP!: Course Crashes and Unhanded Exception Error Opens

I'm stunned. As I was finishing a course everything went hay wire. First all of my scenes renumbered to zero, then slides went away, and finally the Unhandled Textbox opens. It was a pure horrific eLearning domino effect. I don't know what happened. I can't of anything I was doing that was out of the normal course of building and animating a slide.

Can anyone give me answers; what happened? how can I prevent this from happening in future? what can I do to fix and retrieve my course?

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Kim Simmons

I suspect the matter is as resolved as we can get it. While there were not retreival suggestions I did get a great listing of preventative measures. See my email response to John Say's Case comments.

My Response:

Thank you. You've listed some great preventative measures. I do tend to keep the SL course open for extended periods of time. Moving forward I'll change that practice. I was able to find a file with that exact name. Although it didn't contain all the current content there was enough there for me to rebuild.


Thanks again for your input.


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Hi Kimberly,


Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!


I have reviewed your files and unfortunately the file named "itsm-rfc-01_v2.~story" does not contain any data.  The file extension .~story shows that this file is not a valid Articulate Storyline file, possibly a temporary file.  Articulate Storyline files will have the .STORY file extension. 


I would like to confirm the following: 


1) Was the most recent version of "itsm-rfc-01_v2.story" deleted after the error occurred? In the same location where itsm-rfc-01_v2.~story was located, is there any "itsm-rfc-01_v2.story" file present?


2) Are you working on files that are saved on a network or USB drive?  We recommend working on files saved on a local drive to avoid unexpected behavior including file corruption.

3) Please make sure that you have the latest version of Articulate Storyline installed which is update 5.  In Articulate Storyline, go to Help > About Articulate Storyline.  If you have a lower version, please download the latest version from the link below:


4) Do you usually leave your file open in Articulate Storyline for an extended amount of time (more than a couple of hours)?  I would recommend that you save and close your file after editing. 


Moving forward, I would recommend that you regularly save versions of your file by saving your file under a new file name, reflecting the date when you last modified it.  I would also recommend saving files to Dropbox (  Dropbox keeps track of your files' version and deletion history for up to 30 days. You can revert to a previous file version or recover a deleted file at any time within 30 days of an edit or deletion