Help!!! Creating a Password Field

Aug 27, 2012

Hello, I have made several attempts at this I think I now have myself all confused. I have a main slide where I want a proctor to type in their password. They are provied three attempts. After each attempt I want the "submit" button to inform proctor they have two-one more attempt. If after unsuccessful attempts, I want them to end up on a slide that will provide them with instructions. If they are successful, I want them to land on a slide that will have instructions. I have all the slides created, but I am struggleing with how to set three attempts.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sagar

I created another variable called password with a default value of ********, the user enter their text into the text entry field and when control loses focus the text box displays ******** - not sure if that is of any help to you. Only problem is the user will see what is being typed into the text box and it doesn't change till they click outside the text box. See sample

James Mattingly

Thanks for your reply.

That sounds like a good alternative. My only concern might be that the URL would not be whitelisted for some firewalls.

What I need is to be able to set up try it simulations for an entire multi-field form. The password fields are just part of the equation and I would need to error check each field as entered.

Indrani Sen

Hello Everyone,

I have set up a password protected page.  It works great except for a tiny problem.  I would like to have the users not see any texts when they type in the password.  They should see only '****'.  Even when they type in the correct password, they should see only *****.  This is a protection mechanism.  My password is 'goodluck'.  

Any help will be fantastic.  Thanks everyone :)

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