Help! Creating a self assessment tool

Hi All,

I have been asked if it is possible to create a self assessment tool which basically uses a likert scale but then needs to pull reports which show the answers from different sections into groups e.g. all the answers that were marked as N/A into one page.

I realise I won't be able to use the in-built survey tool but have worked out how to set up the radial buttons and create button groups. My problem is I have no idea how to compile a list of answers from different sections.

I have attached a ppt showing an example of what I need.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kat,

I'm not sure if this screencast will help you or not, but perhaps it will get you started in the right direction.

This video shows how to create a "Likert-like" survey and extract the results into different layers on the results slide. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "pull reports" - I don't know if this is precisely what you're looking for. But as I said, it might be a start.

Kat Fardian

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks so much. It is really useful seeing how you have done it as I had given up on the thought of using the in-built likert scale. I also found this blog ( on using javascript so I am hoping a combination of these two might work!

Thanks again,