Help creating multiple True/False on one page

Hi all,

I'm a two weeks into Storyline and I've searched the site but can't seem to find what I'm sure is a simple answer.

I'm trying to create a simple True/False quiz, but rather than have one question, followed by submit, and then the next question, etc. to have all five questions on the slide at once (with five T/F boxes) and then the learner picks their answers and submits.

I'd then like a pop up saying "well done, you got x out of 5" and that information to submit to LMS.

Being so new to it all I am struggling a little with the 'submit results' portion and the variables.

I'm sure I can't be the first person to want to, or have done this, so wonder if anybody could provide me with a quick fire easy instruction.

Many thanks


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Mike S

Dear Ashley

Thanks for the quick reply and the link to the older thread.

I found it most interesting, and although it almost did what I needed, I believe that it required the results to be either 100% correct or "try again", rather than what I had hoped to achieve in grading what the learner knows.

I've designed and attached a basic page with five T/F questions - It makes sense to me(!) and I thought that adding the value of 20 points to a variable called "results" would then allow a score out of 100.

So far this bit all makes sense to me, and I think that I'm now struggling to work out how to take that numerical information and have it fit into a results slide (preferably using the custom 'submit' button) so that submission can also be recorded.

I hope that this all makes sense and that somebody is able to help. Its one of those things that I'm sure is simple but from a novice point of view I'm probably swimming in the deep end!

Many thanks in advance,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike, 

It looks like you're off to a good start for a novice! The difficulty with the results variable you set up is that the built in Storyline quiz results variables aren't accessible, so there isn't a way to add/adjust them without using the normal quizzing properties and scores. There is a method to report a text variable in a track-able method so that it can be captured by your LMS as described here...although that doesn't entirely fit for you set up.  You could use a Likert scale question and only offer two options - it would track their answers, but since it's a survey question it's not scored. 

I'll defer to the community for more expertise here - as they're the creative ones and hopefully they'll have some other thoughts to share here with you. It may involve adjusting the score with some elements of Javascript, but that's entirely outside my wheelhouse and not something I'm able to offer support for. 

Mike S

Hi Leanne
I just checked the one that I did and what you are trying to achieve is a bit different to mine.
I worked around it by having five single t/f pages that you go through sequentially, but added the other questions to each page 'washed out' so that they couldn't be clicked on, therefore giving the illusion that it was multiple choice but not.
Bear with me for a few days (bit snowed under) and I'll see if I can make the way that you want it to be to work.

Walt Hamilton


Try this. The New Scene is the one I think will work for what you want.

Since you used button sets, you don't have to worry about the user selecting both True and False on one question, but using the count method means that the Submit button shows up before all the questions are answered if the user changes one of their answers. I set it so that all questions have to be answered before Submit shows.

I added a layer that shows which specific questions were answered correctly. You can do what you want with the information on that layer.

On the results slide, I deleted the triggers to show the Success/Failure layers only so you can see the numeric results. The user score is set according to how many questions were answered correctly. (You can place those variables on the Success/Failure layers, but it was faster for me to just delete the triggers.)

You may see the True/False buttons flash briefly. If this is a problem, cover them with a white shape.

Note that with this system, there is no Review mode. so you will have to adjust the Review button trigger accordingly, and you may want to allow a retake from the Correct/Incorrect layers on the question slide. It may be necessary to restart either the scene, or the slide from initial state.

Any questions, just ask.

Mike S

Hi Leanne
It's a bit rough around the edges, because I haven't had much time, but I've attached a multiple choice template for you (and anybody else who may want it) that picks up on the individual percentage scoring.
As mentioned, it's pretty rough and done in a hurry (after all, it's Friday night!) but hopefully will give you the gist of how this might work for you and feel free to modify it however you see fit.
Kind regards