Help! Displaying 1 result slide with total score from multiple quiz scenes.

Jul 15, 2018

Hi All. I've created this course with multiple scenes including 4 quiz scenes. I'm now wondering how I bring all the quiz results together into the one results slide I have built. 

I've read almost all of the discussions around this and I just can't work it out. Also, the last discussion thread seems quite old so I'm hoping there are some simple ways to navigate to this results slide and show the result. 

thank you always for the assistance :)

the project is attached. thank you!!  

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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hej Sparkle, this is a pretty default feature in Storyline 360/3. 

If you create a result slide you can either select all questions you want to be part of the result slide OR select result slides for any quizzes you have in your course. 

Looking at your .story file it seems to be setup just fine. Just make sure you jump to the result slide when all quizzes are done.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sparkle ELearning!

To make that "jump" happen, I'm thinking you can use variables. Here's a breakdown of how I would set this up.

  • Create a true/false variable for each results slide, and set the default value to False.
  • On each results slide, set up a trigger to adjust the variable to true when the timeline starts.
  • On slide 1.4, set a trigger to "Jump to slide 9.1 Final Results Slide when the timeline starts if all four variables are equal to true."

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

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