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Donna Morvan

Hello Nadine,

I don't think there is a built-in functionality in storyline that allows you to do this.. but you can create the same effect by working with triggers and states.

See the attached example.. It's not pretty at all but it should show you how you can make it work.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have questions.


Nadine Lacelle

Another quick question regarding my drag and drops.

I have two header, and then 6 random statements.

I want the user to drag the appropriate statement to it's appropriate header.

But my question is, I want the statement to Stack Behind the headers.  Right now they stack, or tile on top (in front) of the headers.



Mike Enders


Yeah, items stack on top of their drag targets.  There's no built-in method to have them stack behind.  However, you could work around it by using state changes.  (I attached a rough example).

You could change the object state to hidden when it's dropped.  If it's dropped correctly, you could trigger a corresponding object that starts hidden to become normal and appear behind the drop target.  This may necessitate you being flexible with how the drag and drop is approached as it may need immediate feedback versus stacking them all and then hitting the submit button.

Here's a thread that talks about the approach: