Help! Drag and Drop interaction in Storyline 2

Hi E-learning heroes!

I have created a drag and drop interaction in storyline 2 where the learner needs to pick 9 out of 19 statements. The next slide then shows the 9 they created and I want them to be able to drag and drop them onto a diamond shape to put them in a kind of order. But because there are 19 statements it doesn't fit easily onto a page and I tried using a slider but the drag and drop interaction doesn't work from inside a slider. So I used an enlarged hover stated but that is too difficult to use with the drag and drop.

What I have done is attached, does anyone have any bright ideas that might make this easier?


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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi Kate

I just had a look at your project.

The first question that came up was: why to present all 19 options on the second screen and not only 9 selected? These 10 rectangles which were not selected are grayed out and not necessary on the slide. If you removed them you would have more space.

That's the only thing I can think of, but maybe someone comes up with better idea :)

Kate Robertson

Thanks Joanna - I did think of that, but the problem is that the students could pick any of the 19 statements. How can I bring through only those statements onto the next slide? I have used disabled and normal states with variables but figured I needed all 19 on the slide in case they chose those? Does that make sense?!

Joanna Kurpiewska

Actually no. You would have to need only 9 rectangles on the second slide, but with 19 states each - changing its state depending which one was chosen on the slide before.

Have a look at Tom Kuhlman's example in the attachment. It's not quite the same situation, but similar. Maybe it helps :)

Kate Robertson

Thanks Joanne. I couldn't work out the states thing but I have made something work with the attached. Basically all 19 objects are on top of each other in the second slide in a disabled state (and I made the disabled state nothing for each object). They change to normal if they are selected on the previous slide. So only those selected show up and its a drag and drop interaction anyway so I can make them show up one at a time. It works for what I am trying to do anyway! Thanks for your help.