Help! Drag & Drop Maze Game

I'm trying to create a game where the learner drags an object through a maze. I'd like to set it up so that the user gets three attempts to get to the safe zone, and if they don't reach the safe zone after three tries, it resets the game and puts all three objects back at the start.

The user starts with three coins and three game pieces - piece 1 starts in a "Position 1" state, pieces 2 and 3 are hidden (in the same position on the board). If the user drags the first piece into a bad zone, a feedback layer appears. The user clicks the close button, which then hides piece 1, reduces their coin count by 1 and piece 2 appears at the starting point. This repeats until the third piece gets into the "bad" zone, at which point a "you lose" layer appears. 

My issue is how to "reset" the pieces back to the start. Attached is the file for reference. Anyone have any great ideas?!?

(and please ignore the awful colors/design...this is only a test file. If I can get it to work, I'd like to make it much prettier and include it in a future project!)

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Randy Hill

Adam, if you don't plan on having the user review this slide then all you need to do is set the slide to reset to initial state when revisiting. You can find this in the slide properties. 

Then on you try again button on the last layer, add a trigger to then end, right before hide this layer that tells the slide to jump to slide itself when pressed. Here is your sample file with those changes made.