Help editing review slide

Feb 28, 2020

Hello community! I'm trying to figure out how to move the check mark on the review slide and change the font. 

Currently the check mark is off of the screen. Is there a way to move it?

Also, on my matching drop down activity, the correct answers appear in different font sizes. How can I change this?

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Jesus Torres

Hello, Donielle! Your question blocks might be too close to the left margin for the checkmarks to properly display. You can try adjusting the margins a bit using the Size and Position tool. Just right-click on a block and you should see it in the menu; see the screenshots below.

1.) Before adjusting.


2.) Right-click and navigate to Size and Position.


3.) Adjust as appropriate; this might take a little experimenting, depending on the content on your slide.


4.) You can see the changes as you adjust, though you should move the Size and Position window as needed.


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