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Katie Riggio

Hey, Marquita. Happy to help!

We've heard folks run into this exact error before, and it seems to be an LMS-specific issue where some LMSs use a Java API object to load content. Since content created in Articulate does not require Java, these steps should help:

Additionally, I ran a test in SCORM Cloud – an industry-standard tool for testing SCORM output – where I'm unable to reproduce this upload error which typically concludes that the issue is related to the LMS. Here's a link to the output

Hope this helps, and we're here if you have any questions!

Shani Roberts

Hello Again,

I am at my wits end. I have done everything on this list and I am still getting the same error message. I have attached a screenshot of the publishing details. My LMS SME is saying that it is the how the course was created/published (basically blaming 360) and ELH is saying it is my LMS. I am stuck in the middle and my deadline has passed, I am on borrowed time. Please help!! Thank you

Shani Roberts

I tried that too and it did work. Before I go and fight with my LMS would you please review my course publishing choices to ensure that I have chosen the correct options? If I have to go to battle with the SME I want to make sure they cannot continue to blame user error and how I designed the course. Thank you

Shani Roberts


I built the course from scratch. I imported the video using Camtasia. I did consult with my LMS team and they are telling me that it is how the course was developed. It is strange, in a previous upload I only uploaded the assessment portion and it worked fine in Chrome (not in IE) but when I added the video portion I have trouble. Any ideas? Thank you

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marquita, 

One other idea would be to look at enabling LMS debug mode, to see if you can capture that particular error message (or any) being sent from the LMS. If you do that for your LMS and a version you upload to SCORM Cloud you could even compare the two and showcase to your LMS admin where things went off the rails. 

As Katie mentioned at the beginning of this discussion, that error is directly from the LMS, as Articulate does not require Java. 

If it's only this video that is causing the trouble, could you look at hosting it on an external site and linking as a web object? Here are directions for adding a web object into Storyline. 

Let us know if you need any other help! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marquita,

I took a look at the original file you shared and it uploaded as expected in SCORM Cloud for me, but I thought it may be helpful for you to try the same .zip file I used successfully.

Published Course

Zip File

Were you able to take a look at the debug log with your LMS team? I see that Ashley shared that with you above as well.