Hi Heroes,

I have been working on a project for our online courses here at Maryville University in STL. I utilized Storyline to build an audio presentation. It was originally built in PowerPoint, then moved to Presenter, and then to Storyline because of its HTML 5 capabilities.

So when I went to preview my project in Storyline, it looked great. When I published it, it looked great (I opened it from the successfully published page). Then I zipped the folder and uploaded it to D2L.

Thats where the trouble arose. Now I cant hear my  presentation (I know its there because I added the seekbar to my presentation) and it takes FOREVER to open. The spinny wheel keeps going for a minute or so before FINALLY opening (if you could call it that), but the menu on the left side with all my "slides" seldom appears.

I have published both as a web page and to LMS.

Someone help me PLEASE!!

Thanks, Emily

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Justin Grenier

Greetings Emily, and welcome to Heroes!

Matthew's suggestion to verify your Articulate content for SCORM is a good one.  If this doesn't bear fruit for you though, don't fret.  Just send over a Support Case and include (a) a copy of your .story file and (b) a link to your published content.  We'll take a look and let you know what we find.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Emily  Goldstein

Thanks for the suggestions.

Matthew-- the scorm information didn't work at all. I know the way I was doing it previously by publishing to the web (instead of LMS) and uploading a zip file to the class worked. I have others that work, so its puzzling why these three dont.

And Justin-- I filled out the support case... but I just dont understand what is going on. Hopefully you can help me!

Emily  Goldstein

I guess no one else is having this issue? Unfortunately I dont think I will continue using Storyline. It seemed very simple and was great that it had HTML 5 capabilities.

However, the serious glitching and the lack of audio are something we can't deal with.

That is what I see, and that is on a good page. There is NO reason I should have it take that long to load and have no audio (I know it is there because I have seen it in the zipped folder and on the seekbar).


Justin Grenier

Hello again, Emily.

I see that Jonathan Reque has been corresponding with you regarding your Support Case.  Jonathan is a skilled analyst--you're in good hands!

It looks like Jonathan was able to publish a copy of your .story file, upload it to our test server, and provide you with a URL to test it yourself.  At the URL Jonathan supplied, I am able to hear your audio without any trouble.

Of course you are always welcome to post in our Forums, but while Jonathan owns your case, I would encourage you to please respond directly to him so that he can continue to assist you.  In addition, if your problem has now expanded to include visual trouble as well (you mention "glitching" above), be sure to make Jonathan aware of that as well.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Helen  Lang

I am having the same trouble, but I am an independent...working from my home computer on a trail version of Articulate and a free website...Yikes...I feel like a homeless person coming to the food bank...Please feed me!!  I have a Storyline presentation that works fine (in my trial version) and when I transfer the file to Dropbox I can open the story.html and it all works fine.  it's when I try to link to this website that it goes silent.  Probably the website?  Guess I should start paying for some of this.  Or do you have any other ideas?

Justin Grenier

Good Morning Stephanie, and welcome to Heroes!

I just noticed that your question had gone unanswered--my apologies!

In Emily's case, it turned out that she was viewing her HTML5 output in Firefox, which is not a supported browser for HTML5 content, since Firefox is not quite yet offering the support for HTML5 content that we'd like to see.  This specific problem actually had little to do with Desire2Learn.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and again, welcome to our community!

Jessica Nguyen

I am having difficulties with Desire2Learn as well, particularly with how the marks are recorded.

Everytime a new attempt is completed, the mark of the most recent attempt is recorded even when atempted multiple times.  Ideally, I would want D2L to record the highest mark and not change anything if the mark is lower in a future attempt.  Does anyone know how to do this?