Help! Feedback master styling problem

Hi all,

I have set some styles in the feedback master that don't show up on the exported quiz. My problem is similar to this:

I have tried the suggested method: I used the default text/shape and change their colors. However when I exported the file, the new style was not applied. Is this a bug?

Thanks for your help.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Henry,

I'm not sure what you mean by "exporting" the file. Do you mean the changes aren't showing up after you've published? Do the changes appear normally when you preview? 

What changes are you making? Are you sure you're selecting the correct Master layout for the slide? Try right-clicking on the slide and select "Layout". This should tell you which sub-slide you're using from the Master. If that particular slide doesn't contain the formatting changes you've made, it won't appear on the slide that's using it.

If you could give some additional information, screenshots, or share the .STORY file here, that would be a big help :)


Henry Sanders

Hi Christine,

The changes were not shown during preview. I have checked the layout that I used and can confirm that the right template was used.

I have attached the file. Please open feedback master, you will see that the red button has a yellow text. When previewed, the text shows up gray. 

Please let me know what I did wrong. Thanks!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Henry,

Thanks so much for the file. I can see what you mean now. 

When you modify the content on the Feedback Master, you're only modifying the text styles. It won't actually modify the "Continue" button you're wanting to use with the yellow text. So, in order to customize this item, you'll want to use a custom "Continue" button.

Brian Batt put together a great video on how you can accomplish this:

Using Brian's method, you should be able to create your own red "Continue" button with the yellow text.

I hope this helps!


Henry Sanders

Thanks so much Christine, this method works.

I am curious when you said

"... you're only modifying the text styles. It won't actually modify the "Continue" button you're wanting to use with the yellow text.

In my sample above, the style of feedback text has been modified (it is center-aligned), but the style is not applied on the quiz page either (it shows up as left-justified).

Isn't it the whole point of using slide/feedback master, so you can set the styles there and use them throughout the project? 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Henry,

Very happy to hear that method works for you :) Thanks for the update!

Some elements, such as the "Continue" buttons, are automatically generated on your slides when you modify or add feedback to your questions. As you can see, the default font color, etc., that's added to that button won't retain the color changes. That's why creating your own custom button may be the best option. Each time the default "Continue" button is generated, your custom button will remain the same and still be tied to the interaction. 

I hope you have a great day, Henry! Good luck with the project :)