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Aug 14, 2012

Hello, I am a beginner on Articulate Storyline and a novice generally with ICT.  I have created 3 new stories on articulate which I hoped to publish and share via web for my students.  The programme I deliver in collaboration with the professional body is delivered via moodle.  I have 'published' each of the three stories so they now show as 3 folders of 3, 4 and 8mb respectively; however when I try to upload these folders onto the programme website, the folders contain so many small files I'm not at all sure what needs uploading and how this would be viewed by students.

If anyone has any basic guidance for beginners on how to get the content I've created so that I can share it with students on programme website; that would be great.

Thank you


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Phil Mayor

Hi Jo

Welcome to the forums.  To upload to moodle you need to zip the files and upload the zip file.  If you want to track the modules you will need to publish for LMS (Scorm 1.2).  Then upload the zip (use the Storyline publish dialogue to zip the files).

Then in moodle choose new acticity, then choose SCORM, if you are tracking by a quiz use highest score and if you are tracking by slides viewed choose learning objects

You also need to set a score in the gradebook


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