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We have a possible client that wants very specific technical things that I don't know if its possible to do in Storyline. I would like very must your help.


  • The learner will have unlimited attempts for the evaluation until he gets the minimal passing grade (70%). Then he has 2 more tries to improve grade.
  • The content must send to LMS the highest grade until learner reaches 70%. When 70% is reached, the content must stores grades but do not send it to the LMS. A prompt is showed questioning leaner if he wants to send to the LMS the highest grade.


  • The course must record the time elapsed since the last interaction with the LMS platform.
  • Reached the preset time limit, should be presented to the user an information window warning him of the occurrence. This window should have a timer, and a confirmation button. If the user confirms the action by
    corresponding button or the timer expires, it will be triggered automatically Output current process.
  • When the course is closed  the screen with the SCO file should be updated, informing the user that the course was closed due to the limitations of time of each session imposed by LMS platform, instructing him to refresh the platform, login into the LMS or otherwise considered adequate.


  • Leaner must have "incomplete" status always.


  • The exit button or close or content must also close the player window of SCORM platform, so it should be placed the following code on the opening page of the course that runs in a frame SCORM playerwindow.parent.close () and run when closing the content.

Some things I  dont understand myself :(

Thanks in advance,


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Ana,

I''ll try to be brief with this.

A : Yes, you could create a sequence like this in Storyline.
B : No. That is usually up to the LMS to accept the higher grade or not (and they never ask).

A : Unsure about that. Also, where should that time be recorded in?
B : ???
C : Umm...No.

Status : This makes no sense and contradicts any and all SCORM specs.

Exit : This is more dependent on their LMS than Storyline itself.

It seems to me they are trying to compensate by finding a Rapid Authoring Tool that does things a LMS is responsible for.

Hope this helps,