Help Formatting Question Bank Slides Using Master Layout Slide

Hi, I'm at a loss and hoping someone can help. I'm trying to format a master slide so that my question bank slides will display properly. Basically, I'm trying to get my question responses formatted, but it's not working well. I don't think the text box is resizing, even though I have it set to resize.


I've added screenshots of what I want it to look like, followed by what it actually looks like using the slide layout. I've also included a screenshot of my master layout slide as well as the storyline file. 



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Adam Monk

It seems that it's automatically putting everything in a scrolling text box, whether I want it to or not...and whether it needs it or not. Even using a one word answer, it puts it in a scrolling text box, and positions it at the bottom of the page, which is nowhere near where I've set my answers to appear. 


It doesn't seem to matter where I place the "Click to edit Choice text styles" text box on the layout slide. It just ends up in a completely different location when using that layout on a multiple choice slide.

Adam Monk

Also, along the same lines, how can I format the radio button in the master layout slide? I don't want the big, default radio button. I want the sleeker, smaller radio button. But that's not what I'm getting.

Let's say I want to import 50 test questions from an excel sheet. Do I have to manually go into all 50 slides and change the radio button for each of the responses? That's a lot of work.

Adam Monk

Ok, so I think I at least figured out what is causing this to happen. It's the relationship between the position of the question and the position of the answer options. It seems the question always has to be on top of the answer choices. Always.

I've provided some screenshots. The first shows the Master Layout with the question box placed above the answer choices, and the next screenshot shows what it looks like in the slide. Everything is fine.

The third screenshot shows the master layout with the question (which I intentionally made small to illustrate a point) placed to the side of the answer choices. The final screenshot shows the new position of the answer choices as being moved below the question.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Adam -- So sorry that you haven't received a response yet! Thanks so much for providing your screenshots, and I'd like to recommend that you reach out to our Support Engineers and provide your file so they are able to take a closer look at what is taking place. Please use this form and you will receive a reply via email after your case has been reviewed. Many thanks for your patience, and I will be on the lookout for your case to follow along with their progress. :)