Help -Freeform Drag and Drop - Second State Pause

Feb 05, 2013

All --

I've created a DnD slide with 5 objects - 3 correct, 2 not correct.

The 3 Correct are functioning as needed, and the two incorrect have no drop target so they return to their initial start point when dropped.... this is working as planned.

NOW, I wish to change the state of the incorrect answers when they are incorrectly dropped....I've made this happen successfully... HOWEVER.... when changing the state to show they were incorrectly selected the item doesn't return to it's initial start point as it has done previously. ( in the DnD editor the item still does not have a Drop Target and is set to return to it's start point if dropped outside it's correct drop target.)

Now I'm assuming that the Trigger I set up to change the state is over riding the DnD options panel - if this is the case, how do I get the item to return to it's original start point.

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