Help! Freeform not working

Apr 05, 2016


Wondering if someone can help... I have set up 7 hotspots and I would like the user to choose 4 of them in order to be correct.  

I have additional triggers set up for the orange checkmark to show up when they click any hotspot, but only 4 of them will be correct. 

When I preview it and select the correct 4 hotspots, then click "Submit", I get a message saying 'Invalid Answer: You must complete the question before submitting'.

Why am I getting this message?  Please see my quiz question attached...


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Erin Mahabir

Thank you!  That is working... Except for one more thing I can't figure out now.

It works well if the user got the right answer on the first attempt.  I intentionally picked the wrong options, and I do indeed get the "Try Again" layer, but upon second attempt, the slide doesn't re-set. 

I tried setting up a trigger for the checkmarks to disappear when the user clicks "Try Again" but it's still registering the old answers.  (I have it set at 3 attempts)

Thanks again for all your help!

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