Help - how to have buttons on base layer display on all layers - SL360

Hi all - for some reason I'm having trouble figuring this out.  I have a set of buttons on my base layer, each button triggers to show it's own layer.  I want these four buttons to show on all of the layers, so that the user can click them to see the next layer.  The buttons are set with a "visited" state, which I want to carry through to each layer instead of duplicating the buttons on each layer.

Does this make sense?  Can someone help out?  I've tried the show/hide option on the items on the base layer, but it's not working.

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Diane Fallier

I changed each layer to hide all other layers. I deleted the white rectangle on the left and the picture from each layer because they overlaid the buttons on the base layer making them inaccessible. I then unhid the picture on the base layer in each of the layers.

On the base layer, I removed the triggers to change the state of the objects to visited since this automatically happens when the user clicks on the object.

You may want to blur the picture when you go to the layers. If so, you can put a blur rectangle on top of the picture with an initial state of hidden and only make it normal before you show a layer.

I hope this is what you were after.