Help - Hotspot not working on Articulate player app

I created an interactive Moodle tool guide on Storyline. It plays fine on the desktop browser, but when I open it using the Articulate player app on iPad, the hotspots aren't working on the main page.

Temp Link:

Please try it on your browser and the Articulate player app on iPad. Problem with the hotspots in the page shown below

moodle tools

If you have some encountered this problem before, please share your thoughts.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sobith! What do you mean by inner pages? I want to be sure that I'm understanding the issue. Once you've jumped to a subsequent slide? Please note that as specified here, jumping to a URL is not supported in AMP either.

I'm not seeing any issues reported related to this and I am unable to re-create the issue in a new file.

Could you share your updated project file since you adjusted?

Sobith Thooprath

Thank you Leslie for looking into this. Please refer to the image above - It is not taking to the subsequent slide when I click the hotspots on the right side (under: I want to know more about). It takes to the subsequent slide when I click on the hotspots on the right, but it doesn't progress to subsequent slides after that. 

I will not be publishing to AMP if it doesn't support jumping to URL, I will just rely on HTML5 output.

Thanks again!